Our Restaurant

El Merkat's name is a nod to the Spanish 'El Mercat de la Boqueria', a market that specialises in top quality, fresh and local ingredients. This forms not just the namesake but also our culinary philosophy. We take this element seriously, using our expertise in Bali's hospitality scene to craft dishes of high standards at the very best market price.

Our menu features a versatile selection of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings. Start your day with our Eggs Benedict and a freshly ground coffee or healthy breakfast bowls with fresh smoothies. 

Have a  lovely lunch and dinner with our signature Bokatas (baguette sandwiches) and burgers, and a variety of Carpaccio and Crudo dishes. From grilled tuna steaks to salmon tartare, beef carpaccio and focaccias filled with delicious jalapeño chicken and roasted veggies. Not to mention our own signature Paellas for two, accompanied by a great selection of wines to choose from.


Introducing our very own deli, situated next to our restaurant. We present daily selected fresh products, local and imported, all nicely packaged and offered for affordable prices; an answer to our customer's desire for quality, premium food and beverage to-go in Bukit area.

Our products vary from daily fresh baguette and croissants, granolas, jams and cookies for small bites, to premium grilled meats, charcuteries and cheese, locally produced with our own Mediterranean recipes.